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“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Warren Buffett

Our Products

You bring the problems, we bring the solutions.

  • Supplier Collaborator

    Supplier management software: capture details of vendors, capabilities, capacity and ethical credentials; manage audits and performance assessments. A single company view of vendors and their compliance.
  • Image Collaborator

    A platform to capture, categorise, find and re-purpose images. Turn an image from a single-use asset into a corporate-wide one, maximising its value and reducing the time wasted in doing it. Documents and videos too.
  • Product Collaborator

    Software for retailers or manufacturers to develop products quickly and cost-effectively. The tools are easy to use and less complex and costly than product lifecycle management software.
  • Our Services

    You bring the problems, we bring the solutions.

  • Resilient Supply Chains

  • The PLM Practice

    Improving the speed and quality of your design, specifications, costing, sampling and manufacturing may mean improving your product lifecycle management. We can help you to deliver that, with or without new software. And we can help you to overcome challenges along the way.
  • Consultancy and project delivery

    Consult with MCL to address specific business issues, select new technology or help you to get the best out of the technology you already have. MCL can help you to address common (or not so common) problems and deliver or help to deliver the project. We have a successful record of project delivery.
  • Resilient.World

    Resilient.World provides full Corporate Social Responsibility services: training, research, auditing, crisis management and interventions. Its goal is to create a more resilient world by cultivating the ability of corporations, communities, producers and manufacturers alike to thrive in the face of huge challenges.