The PLM Practice

PLM expertise - Plan : Select : Deliver


The PLM Practice is a team of MCL specialists who have hands-on experience in delivering product lifecycle management (PLM) in garment retail and manufacturing.

There are almost as many definitions of PLM and product data management (PDM) as there are software offerings. What’s important to you is that you develop and deliver products as quickly as you can, to the right level of quality for you and your customers.

Our track record of successful delivery of PLM in garment retail and manufacturing marks us out as people who “do” rather than people who talk about doing. This is borne out by the lack of padding of projects with unnecessary days and means that you will get what you pay for and usually more than that.

The PLM Practice helps its clients in retail and manufacturing (especially in fashion) to identify the risks and costs associated with it, and the possible areas of cost-justification.

There are so many PLM and PDM offerings that it’s hard to know which one to choose. MCL introduces another question into your deliberations – do you actually need any software to support what you’re doing?

With or without software

The PLM Practice delivered improvements for one client’s product development simply by improving the way that they work. Another wanted to stay with Excel, so we helped them to do that.

We have also helped clients to make the transition to fully-optimised product lifecycle management via improved business processes and limited software pilots through to an end-to-end, fully rolled-out set of processes and systems.

If it turns out that you do need software, we can help you to specify exactly what you need. This may involve identifying business objectives, specifying functionality, defining technical constraints and other steps that only an experienced team like The PLM Practice can deliver effectively.

PLM can deliver many benefits but there are some that you may not have considered – we can help you to identify those and how to optimise the software to achieve them.

From a comprehensive definition of requirements we can help you to shortlist the candidates. MCL re-sells a PLM solution called ChainReaction but if for any reason that isn’t what you want or need then we know most of the other software providers and could help you select.

We may then help you to plan and deliver the pilot and subsequent roll-out.

Our years of experience save you time and money