Consultancy and project delivery

Effective consultation : Successful project delivery


MCL has consulted for many clients, on subjects ranging from how to make the best use of images in an organisation to how a retailer should manage the design and production of its printed and online material. We are happy to explore first whether or not we could help you achieve your objectives and how best to go about it before you or we make any commitments – but once those commitments have been made we will deliver what is required.

This consulting often involves technology of one type or another – but doesn’t always. MCL can help with software evaluation and selection, up to and including running a full tendering process.

Most consulting engagements involve:

  • Defining the challenge(s) to be met
  • Agreeing the scope and required outcome(s) of the engagement
  • Agreeing the price, if relevant
  • Planning in terms of phases, tasks and dependencies
  • Reporting
  • Review

Project delivery

MCL has delivered projects for clients that range from CAD studios, to large-scale in-plant print management, to workflow automation and buying process changes. We plan projects so that they can then be delivered, helping our clients to foresee, address and overcome the inevitable problems and challenges that will occur.

We can provide the entire project delivery team or individuals to work alongside yours. MCL can even help you to source and new team members required from its wide range of contacts.

Project delivery would often include

  • Clear definition of objectives and scope
  • Business process changes required
  • IT changes required to deliver the objectives and support the processes
  • Assistance in sourcing new software
  • Management of change and risk
  • Budget control

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