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About Supplier Collaborator

Supplier Collaborator is a platform for the secure exchange of data with retailers, suppliers and third parties. It offers a range of functions, including:

  • Search and report on the database of your agents, suppliers, factories and subcontractors
  • Supplier score-carding
    • Performance assessments
    • Technical and ethical compliance audits
  • Easy maintenance of capabilities and capacity at factories
  • Adoption of new suppliers
  • Workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • An open API to allow interfaces with your other business systems and websites

Highly configurable screens, forms and fields make sure that the software is matched to your methods of working. Supplier Collaborator is built on a Microsoft platform, which can be configured to exchange data with your other business systems.

Supplier Collaborator removes a lot of the effort, cost and time involved in managing ethical and technical compliance. Plan, monitor and deliver audits at your vendors and and then include the results in their ongoing scorecards. It works with or even instead of third party services. A corrective action plan can be created and managed to resolution.

Reporting is powerful, comprehensive and widely available to selected people within your company.

Compliance and performance management


As most retailers, brand owners and manufacturing agents know, the demands of managing compliance are increasing all the time. Managing those demands can soak up time and cost which could be better spent on other things.

Supplier Collaborator can be used to manage general ethical and technical compliance. It can also be used for more specific compliance challenges such as chemical (eg chromium VI), sustainability and even the UK’s 2015 Modern Slavery Act.

You can build and use your own audit templates and/or the ones that come with the software. And your auditors can input the results of visits directly onto the system.


If possible, it’s better to help an existing supplier improve than go through the time-consuming task of finding, testing and adopting new ones.

With Supplier Collaborator qualitative and quantitative scorecards can be configured, with scores from one year being compared with others. Target scores can be agreed and performance measured again them.

Performance can be measured at any level of your business. Different teams can score against the same criteria and those scores rolled up to the top level.

Work with your suppliers to help them to optimise their performance.


Lower costs

  • Reduction in sourcing costs by providing a cross-company view of suppliers, their capabilities, capacity or score-cards – removing the need for, and costs of, operating in silos.
  • Reduced risk of reduced sales as a result of “collateral damage” in the media if and when non-compliances are alleged. If your company is one of a group, then this risk could spread to other group companies.
  • Compliance: lowers the risk of using factories with no approved ethical or technical audits.



  • Reduction in the cost and complexity of managing communications with suppliers, ethical audits and adherence to policies – manage the same volume of work with a lower headcount or more work with the same.
  • Reporting: save time trawling through spreadsheets, collating from emails, etc and run your own reports at the click of a button
  • Export your data to other systems to enhance the scope and value of information used within the business about suppliers


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