Product Collaborator

Product specifications made simple.


Product Collaborator is a set of tools specifically for retailers and manufacturers to allow specification, sampling and high-level costing of products. These include:

  • Product File: for the specification and costing of each product
  • Collaboration platform and task manager to exchange Product Files with suppliers
  • XMP Connector: to transfer to Product Files information added to designs in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Fit session management
  • Reporting across Product Files

For some organisations, the complexity and slow response times of product lifecycle management systems isn’t going to solve their problems. For these, MCL has an alternative in Product Collaborator, which has a number of advantages:

  • Familiar software – you probably already have the underlying software platform, so it’s quick to learn, has a high chance of adoption and is easy to maintain
  • Low risk and low cost – in the short, medium and long-terms
  • It is modular and extensible


The Product File element of Product Collaborator holds the main product specification, including summary information, images, bill of materials, sample management and – for garments – grade rules and size charts. It uses a central source of base information such as product types, sample types, clients and suppliers and the whole thing is highly configurable to your requirements.

Product File uses an industry-standard file formats for its data and so imports and exports can be configured for most requirements easily.


The other (optional) modules provide additional functionality:

  • Collaboration platform: task and project management, exchange of Product Files with suppliers and/or clients
  • XMP Connector: information added to product designs in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop is pulled through into the Product File when those images are imported
  • Fit session management: Manage fit sessions easily and efficiently, reducing or eliminating the need to update Product Files afterwards
  • Reporting across Product Files: configurable reporting, to summarise data across multiple Product Files


  • Clear, consistent product specifications, enabling a reduction in the number of samples needed per finished product (so lower costs)
  • Support for effective sourcing through reporting on fabric use, supplier performance, etc
  • Efficient task management, so significant time can be saved
  • Innovative use of technology, so users can focus on their core roles without pointless administrative work
  • Little or no impact on methods of working because of the familiar software, so implementation costs are likely to be lower than more complex solutions


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