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Managing images to a new level

With an image database at its core, Image Collaborator offers a range of additional software and hardware to make the capture, management and re-use of images quick and cost-effective. In retail of any type, images feature more and more: there are more of them and they are used more extensively than ever before. But that’s both good news and bad news in that the sheer proliferation of images in a business can mean that costs and wasted time are by-products of that more feature-rich environment.

Images are used in most areas of retail: from trend analysis to product designs, sampling and quality assurance, product photography and visual merchandising. Image Collaborator offers tools and techniques to allow users to create images, process them through workflows, find them and re-use them and archive them. It also offers tools and techniques to make the management of the information about images (“metadata”) as efficient as possible.

Optional components

  • Image database
    • Store images and related information
    • Categorise and find images when and where required
    • Re-purpose images for different uses
  • Photo studio equipment and software
  • Metadata management techniques and tools
  • Software for managing and enhancing workflows

The image database sits at the heart of Image Collaborator. It is set up to be accessed internally or externally (online) and can be configured for multiple uses, to take the effort out of creating an image once and using it multiple times. Significant time and money can be saved: less time wasted, lower costs involved in re-creating, re-purposing and sending images to other locations.


Lower costs:

  • Photography – quicker processes, fewer images to replace, higher chances of shots being right first time
  • Automated background removal
  • Couriers – remote access to and delivery of images
  • Better control over usage rights; fewer fines for transgressions

Enhanced productivity:

  • Images easier to find
  • Key people released from unnecessary work
  • Quicker end-to-end processes

Management of brand credibility and integrity

Example cost savings:

  • Getting shots right first time : up to 35% of your total photography bill
  • Cutting out: up to £75 per shot
  • Couriers: anything up to 80% of total annual budget




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Removing cost and time from image capture and use