Clear Chain

Compliance auditing and reporting

Software for low-cost high value compliance auditing of supply chains

Every organisation has big questions to answer:

  • How sustainable is my supply chain?
  • What do I need to do to make my sourcing more ethical?
  • What actions are needed to improve our packaging?
  • How close to Net Zero is our orgnisation?
  • How close to Net Zero is our supply chain?

ClearChain allows you to capture the data you need to answer big questions such as these – and more.

Measuring compliance

Auditing the easy way. Regular non-financial auditing can be time-consuming and labour-intensive. Doing it the ClearChain way removes those constraints and means you can manage a wider range of audits, deeper into your supply chain, all with the same headcount.

It might also help you in ways you hadn’t imagined. You may be lost in a sea of new standards to measure sustainability, for example, or been confronted with new legislation about ethical or sustainable sourcing. ClearChain allows you to configure new audit templates and action plans or edit existing ones. It also has a full reporting suite that means no more poring for days over multiple spreadsheets to get the information you need – it can be done in minutes.

What we are best at

Full vendor records and supply chain mapping

Capture details of each of your vendors, the relationships they have with others, their services and specialities. A summary of their previous and forthcoming audits, action plans and performance assessments.

And when you have that supplier data you can use ClearChain to map it. Create supply chain maps for:

  • A product
  • Product type (s)
  • Tier(s)
  • Supplier type(s)
  • Region(s)


Configurable audits and action planning

Build your own library of audit templates that you can configure for your organisation and select them when scheduling audits. To meet the needs of multiple standards of energy management, sustainability, ethical trading and more you’ll need multiple audit templates – ClearChain makes this easy and has an unlimited range of question formats and answer formats.

Action planning. Work with vendors and other stakeholders to create and deliver action plans, then manage those plans to completion. The data from these can be as important as the answers to questions in the original audits and contributes to true collaboration between client and supplier.

The technology

21st century database

ClearChain is built on the very latest database technology that supports the complex queries your organisation may need to make. No more hourglass waits for search results, fewer constraints on querying and reporting, and no need to re-configure your whole solution if your business changes – it can all be accommodated with our choice of technology.




ClearChain can contain rich details about your suppliers, audits and performance assessments. And that has a real value not just in compliance management but beyond.

You can also share the information and wisdom from ClearChain with other systems within your organisation: create it once, use it many times. And create alerts so that, for example, your buyers can be warned if a factory with which they’re about to place a purchase order has just failed its compliance audit.

Or you can copy the data to your risk management platform to broaden the scope of risks being mitigated.

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