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The excel debate carries on…

Written by Helen Spencer So many conversations about excel and the pros and cons on discussion forums. As an ex-buyer I am not one to knock it as it served a purpose. But since discovering systems at MCL that are data and information based, I am now convinced that a software system designed for retailers […]

Supplier Collaboration – Why it is needed more than ever

Written by Helen Spencer – MCL – June 2015 Greater Supply Chain Challenges Supply chain challenges have increased for many retailers due to globalisation and uncertain economic times. Executives involved in the retail supply chain have found that an increasing number of products have to be moved more expediently than ever before, whilst costs have […]

Supplier Collaborator contract with SuperGroup plc

MCL announced today that it had signed a contract for ‘Supplier Collaborator’ with SuperGroup plc, owner of the successful and increasingly ubiquitous Superdry fashion brand. Supplier Collaborator is an invaluable software application that helps brand owners and retailers to manage their suppliers’ capabilities, capacities and ethical and technical compliance. The need to simplify and centralise […]

A single supplier portal

Helen Spencer writes…. Every retailer, manufacturer and service provider I have ever worked with has had so many different software systems, spreadsheets and files to record essential information in, that it was a minefield of administration and incredibly time consuming too. With the supply chain being at the forefront of my buying and manufacturing roles, […]

Portfolio v1.5

With the new version of its leading digital asset management (DAM) software, Portfolio, Extensis has really pushed the boundaries of how images and video can be organised. With the use of “elastic search” assets can be found in seconds, even within collections of millions. Custom fields, watched folders and other functionality for which Portfolio has […]

Image Collaborator at Supergroup

MCL has implemented an image database at Supergroup, as well as a plugin which allows them to create reports and catalogues in InDesign without leaving that program. Extensis Portfolio provided the basis for the solution, which will allow Supergroup to centralise control of and access to its wealth of product and other images. The other […]

Product Collaborator now with Illustrator links

Product Collaborator now includes XMP Connector. This allows designers to add custom information to their product designs in Illustrator and that information is pulled through into the product’s Product File (the specification pack). MCL can customise the file information panel in Adobe Illustrator and map that to pre-defined fields in the Product File. When the image is imported […]

ChainReaction v4.0 is coming

Axind announced today that v4.0 of their fashion software platform ChainReaction would be released in Q1 of 2015. It will include graphical dashboards and a new user interface and will be available as an upgrade to existing users.