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Beyond the data – the value of good reporting

In our software we try to give users the tools to get beyond the raw mass of data they have in their organisations so that they can make good use of it. The DIKW hierarchy, as it has become known, is not new but it has served MCL well in its aim to help move […]

Managing ethical trade – ink and milk

A bad PR event is like adding a single drop of black ink to a glass of milk: no matter what you do you won’t remove the ink. All you can do is to add more and more milk. Recovering from a bad PR event is not easy AND it may take a long time […]

Ethical consumption

Andrew Lambert writes: I was at the Ethical Consumer Conference on Friday and heard some really interesting and eye-opening presentations – and contributions from the audience. Memorable content for me revolved around these quotes: Brand positioning only exists in the minds of consumers There is sometimes a tendency to over-state your ethical credentials: this could […]

Modern Slavery Act 2015 – and your business

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 will have an impact on many UK businesses. Retailers in particular will need to prove that they are doing all they can to ensure that they only user suppliers and factories who are compliant with standards of welfare and employment conditions for their workers. The newly appointed Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, […]

I’ve looked at life from both sides now

Did you see this article in the Telegraph? It’s a good illustration of how things can and should be looked at from multiple angles. And mention of Primark prompted me before to say that they sometimes have a bad press but I think that the Rana Plaza incident showed them in a good light. While […]

The excel debate carries on…

Written by Helen Spencer So many conversations about excel and the pros and cons on discussion forums. As an ex-buyer I am not one to knock it as it served a purpose. But since discovering systems at MCL that are data and information based, I am now convinced that a software system designed for retailers […]

Supplier Collaboration – Why it is needed more than ever

Written by Helen Spencer – MCL – June 2015 Greater Supply Chain Challenges Supply chain challenges have increased for many retailers due to globalisation and uncertain economic times. Executives involved in the retail supply chain have found that an increasing number of products have to be moved more expediently than ever before, whilst costs have […]

The ethics of retailers

Helen Spencer writes: As recently reported in ethical consumer magazine the ethics of retailers have come under investigation in recent times, with several being shamed publicly over tax avoidance and poor working conditions for staff. There is evidence that social media is a very effective way for potential customers to show disapproval and campaigns can […]

I’m a buyer – my job isn’t to learn new software, it’s to buy well

That was a quote from a buyer I was talking to about Product Collaborator. She liked it most of all because its underlying software is Microsoft Excel, which meant that she pretty much knew it almost before we’d shown it to her. Buyers have real pressures and so have to have a real focus on […]

Real collaboration

I once witnessed a fantastic example of true collaboration. I was in the main reception of a space-starved retailer, waiting for my meeting host to fetch me. In the reception area there was a young buyer (assistant buyer, as it turned out) meeting with a clothing supplier. For twenty minutes I listened as the assistant […]