Managing ethical trade – ink and milk

A bad PR event is like adding a single drop of black ink to a glass of milk: no matter what you do you won’t remove the ink. All you can do is to add more and more milk.

Recovering from a bad PR event is not easy AND it may take a long time to achieve. In the ink and milk analogy, you just keep adding more milk until the ink can’t be detected but some companies may never recover from a bad PR story.

Ethical trade can be a minefield for retailers and brand owners and one single negative event and story can undo years of otherwise good work. It’s like walking a tight-rope: one slip and it could go horribly wrong.

Our compliance management software, Supplier Collaborator, helps retailers and brand owners walk that tight-rope by allowing key people to focus on making sure that compliance action plans are completed, not just documented. It saves clients time and money in managing the increasingly complex demands of vendor compliance (ethical, technical and other types).

Talk to us about how we can help you to stay on that tight-rope and dilute that ink.