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A single supplier portal

Helen Spencer writes….

Every retailer, manufacturer and service provider I have ever worked with has had so many different software systems, spreadsheets and files to record essential information in, that it was a minefield of administration and incredibly time consuming too.

With the supply chain being at the forefront of my buying and manufacturing roles, I really needed a portal holding information on potential, existing and new suppliers and factories, which included contact details, compliance audits – both ethical and technical, capacity, relationships and capabilities.

With enquiries coming in every week from new suppliers and existing ones not always being as reliable as hoped for, having a central place to quickly find score-carding, capabilities and more would have been a real time saver.

Supplier Collaborator gives buying and sourcing teams peace of mind that the necessary checks have been carried out – and there is traceability back to the person who initiated the ethical and technical audits and signed them off.