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Diageo giving a mixed message

Indications that Diageo would be putting suppliers onto 90-day payment terms and Premier Foods’ own “pay-and-stay” arrangements would have made many, if not all, of the affected suppliers affected nervous. We’ve seen this with some fashion retailers, especially after they’ve been bought by institutional investors whose motives don’t always include supply chain security. MCL has […]

Labour rights violations found in Uniqlo supply chain

From Ethical Consumer we hear that there are apparently ethical challenges for Uniqlo with their supply chain: Long working hours and low basic wages Excessive overtime High risk and unsafe working environment Harsh management style and punishment system Unrepresented workers The full story is on the Ethical Consumer website (at where Uniqlo’s statement didn’t seem […]

Image Collaborator at Supergroup

MCL has implemented an image database at Supergroup, as well as a plugin which allows them to create reports and catalogues in InDesign without leaving that program. Extensis Portfolio provided the basis for the solution, which will allow Supergroup to centralise control of and access to its wealth of product and other images. The other […]

Product Collaborator now with Illustrator links

Product Collaborator now includes XMP Connector. This allows designers to add custom information to their product designs in Illustrator and that information is pulled through into the product’s Product File (the specification pack). MCL can customise the file information panel in Adobe Illustrator and map that to pre-defined fields in the Product File. When the image is imported […]

Real collaboration

I once witnessed a fantastic example of true collaboration. I was in the main reception of a space-starved retailer, waiting for my meeting host to fetch me. In the reception area there was a young buyer (assistant buyer, as it turned out) meeting with a clothing supplier. For twenty minutes I listened as the assistant […]

KFC – tracing its palm oil

This just in from KFC says it has absolutely no idea where its palm oil comes from and it’s putting that palm oil into lots of products, from apple turnovers to grilled chicken to country-fried steak. In other words, KFC, the world’s second largest restaurant chain, can’t guarantee that it’s not buying from conflict palm […]